Bobtail Squid

Your Magazine Guide to Gili Islands

Bobtail Squid, Sepiolida, are tiny cephalopods, enthralling divers just off the Gili Air shores. More apparent during night dives, these enchanting creatures glow at night because of a bioluminescent bacteria they carry with them. The glowing bacteria, used as a camouflage ploy, protects them from predators below, by mimicking the illumination of the moon and magically eliminating their own shadows!



They disguise themselves during the day, by covering themselves with a layer of sand. If detected, they turn white, release a puff of dark ink, in the shape of their body and dart away.

Females reproduce just two months after hatching and generally breed only once. Females lay their eggs under coral ledges and die soon after, while juveniles hatch without parental care Squid are considered intelligent and their brains are large in comparison to their bodies. They reach a maximum of eight centimetres, have two tentacles and eight suckered arms. These diminutive superheroes, fly through the water by either using the fins on their cape or by jet propulsion!

As our immune systems are so comparable to this species, as a model of symbioses, squid were sent into space to study human immune responses to spaceflight!

Witness the sheer beauty of these teeny squid on a night dive. There is so much more to them than meets the eye!