Captain Coconuts

Your Magazine Guide to Gili Islands

After traveling the world, Resa and Belinda arrived on beautiful Gili Air eight years ago and decided to invest in a piece of paradise. 

A few years later, they returned to the island and built Captain Coconuts. They were deeply conscious of protecting the territory around them. The idea behind the project was to construct an external space that was moulded around the present native environment and not damage the resident palm trees. 

Captain Coconuts, designed by Resa, originally from Indonesia, envisaged a welcoming and unique environment that would facilitate social interactions between guests. 

Belinda, an avid backpacker, dreamed of a space where people could easily meet and share travel adventures. The key concept is recognizable in the oversized communal tables, the centrally located pool, and the shared outdoor deck area. 

Captain Coconuts opened around three years ago with just a café and the shared bamboo lodge. The lodge was inspired by South American hammock houses that Belinda had previously visited. Slowly, the charming place progressively expanded with a few traditional Javanese style villas.  

The handcrafted furniture, the doors, and the windows were made from pre-loved wood retrieved from old traditional Joglo houses and lovingly restored to create a unique features.  

All the rooms have been carefully designed to intentionally avoid any ecological disturbances to the trees already thriving in their natural environment. The owners have also adopted various methods to minimize their ecological impact, like heating water and harnessing electricity from solar panels. They dearly hope to obtain their power from solar energy in the near future. 

Belinda and Resa are sincerely concerned about their carbon footprint and have decided to avoid using any kind of disposable detritus like plastic bottles and straws and therefore all rooms are furnished with a water dispenser to refill bottles. 

The café serves vegan and vegetarian meals with many superb choices on the menu. The legendary lasagne is a delicacy, and many alternatives like gluten and lactose intolerant foods are on the menu. Both Belinda and Resa, enjoy a healthy lifestyle and use no refined sugar, palm oil or MSG in their food. 

The most recent addition to the beautiful cocoon is a boutique which is set next to the café which stocks locally sourced merchandise. Visitors can invariably find reusable bottles, patterned bed sheets inspired by local Indonesian culture, replicas of the coffee mugs the restaurant and souvenirs to take home. Belinda and Resa have thought of everything to make your stay, an amazing one.

At Captain Coconuts, the details matter. From the welcome drinks to the genuine friendliness of the dedicated staff, everything is thoughtfully designed with your experience in mind. The passionate love of nature and the cultural heritage that Captain Coconuts enthusiastically promotes makes it one of the nicest sanctuaries. 

Before leaving, remember to stop by at the famous swing alongside the café and take a photo. This is certain to make your friends back home envious!