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We present the Comments Moderation Policy that applies to our website.

The GILI LIFE MAGAZINE web team manages the comments through an account on the platform and shares the philosophy of this company regarding its Terms, Privacy Policy, resources for Websites and use of the API. All users can submit their contributions fulfilling the only requirement to identify themselves through their registration accounts in Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Disqus. If you do not have an account in these services, the comment cannot be sent.

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The authors and the sources that support each of the contents that are exposed on the GILI LIFE MAGAZINE website are public knowledge and enjoyment of the visitors of the platform, from whom the same quality and condition is demanded in the authorship and Responsibility for comments.

Each user is responsible for the content that he exposes in the comments from his account and assumes total and absolute responsibility.

GILI LIFE MAGAZINE does not accept anonymity as a condition for commenting on the contents of the website, and will assume as the sole identity the names and surnames provided by users in its registry.

Basic rules of moderation
GILI LIFE MAGAZINE staff moderates the website’s comment platform and will never validate a comment that has not been subject to review. Only those comments that meet the following conditions will be submitted for review:

Comments must:

  • Include a minimum of three words and a maximum of 150.
  • Contain a position of the user with respect to any of the pieces that make up the web page that you want to comment: headline, general text, entradilla, photography, caption, author credit, place credit, photographer credit and / or general content .
  • Contain a clear and respectful position on the part of the user of comments.

Comments should not:

  • Promote disqualifications, insults, images or expressions of bad taste, whether offensive, racist or xenophobic.
  • Personally attack or insult authors or sources of content.
  • Contain obscene or degrading words for any person or group.
  • Disrespect or violate the legality of the contents and links that are shared.
  • Disrespect or violate current copyright and intellectual property rules.
  • Repeat in form or content.
  • Contain “spam” or information about jokes, riddles, trivia, sweepstakes, information of implicit or explicit sexual content, morbid material and others.
  • Include personal or third-party personal information such as full names and surnames, telephone numbers, identity card, blood type, passwords or passwords.
  • Contain links or URLs that promote other platforms.
  • Force a debate or adopt a position regarding an issue that has not been silver in the content of the website.
  • Contain opinions that in their way of being exposed or the words used, are offensive to other users in any circumstance.
  • Contain opinions that violate the right to freedom of expression, human rights, fundamental rights of other users or criticize their legitimate opinion.
  • Contain offensive language regarding issues of gender, sexuality, race, nationality, religion or faith, psychological illnesses or special or physical abilities, and any other social aspect not reflected in this document.
  • Include messages that incite or encourage to commit or support illegal conduct typified as a crime.
  • Include content that encourages the apology for the use, consumption, transport or distribution of illegal substances. Neither the apology for illegal activities or that, despite being legal, can be considered especially controversial or morally reprehensible.
  • Contain advertising or propaganda information in an obvious or subliminal way, or the promotion of an event, person, group, product or service that has or is not related to the content of the element on which the opinion is poured is sought.
  • Abuse the use of capital letters, which represent the cry on the Internet, so this condition will be taken into account when moderating comments with this format. If the message is illegible due to reasons related to typography or font filtering, it may also be not validated.
  • Contain spelling and / or grammatical errors.
  • Contain links or URLs to other websites or download documents or files.

Comments excluded

Are those comments that were sent by users and were not accepted or validated by any moderator of the website of  GILI LIFE MAGAZINE, as they violate the Policy for Moderation of Comments. This content will never be displayed on the website.

Comments Approved
Are those comments that were sent by users and were accepted by some moderator of the website of GILI LIFE MAGAZINE, by prior review. These comments comply with the basic norms considered in the Comments Moderation Policy and are displayed visually at the bottom of the commented content, which

This content, however, is subject to any type of review at any time by GILI LIFE MAGAZINE, and upon the complaint of other users, may be reconsidered in the classification of comments.