Your Magazine Guide to Gili Islands

“From the mesmerizing flower corals that move independently and are beautiful to watch… to leather coral and huge cauliflower coral structures”



When you visit Lombok and the Gili Islands you know you are going to be met with insta-worthy sandy beaches, turquoise water, and a chilled vibe second to none. This continues on when you go below the waves rolling onto the shore. The three Gili Islands are fringed with beautiful coral reefs that can be seen from above the water and make diving one of the most popular activities on the Island.

Underneath the surface, you will be met with many different types of coral from boulder corals to elephant ear sponge and beautiful giant sea-fan coral.

Diving around the islands is hugely popular with all divers due to the diverse range of corals and the mix of soft and hard coral. The hard coral structures that form the huge walls that run around part of the island, create a base of ecosystems and allow beautiful soft corals to grow.

From the mesmerizing flower corals that move independently and are beautiful to watch… to leather coral and huge cauliflower coral structures. Combined, these corals create a haven for a diverse marine ecosystem that is swarming with life.

The Gili’s are progressive in coral restoration programs and part of the Gili Island coastlines have Biorock formations, which are man-made structures allowing baby corals to grow at an increased rate, with the help of very low wattage electrical currents. They also help the corals deal with the changing climates and strong currents that the Gili Islands face on a regular basis.

All these combined create a unique environment that keeps divers coming back to the islands, again and again, to marvel at its beauty.