Your Magazine Guide to Gili Islands

May I tell you guys something about one of my favorite animals underwater… 



It is the cuttlefish and it belongs to the family of the sepias.  There are around 120 different known species of cuttlefish. The main difference is in comparison to other species like squid and octopus, the cuttlefish has a so called cuttlebone in its head. It‘s not a real bone, it is an internal shell which provides to the animal buoyancy control.

Male cuttlefish have 8 arms, females just 6. sometimes the weaker males hide two of them so that they don‘t get attacked by other males.

The cuttlefish is very smart and is even capable of counting.  When you put two glasses, one with one shrimp in it and the other with four, the cuttlefish will choose the glass with four shrimps.

The cuttlefish can change color. It does that in order to blend in with its surroundings, to hunt or to mate. A fun fact about the cuttlefish is that the cuttlefish itself is colorblind. When it comes to mating, it looks quite interesting, similar to kissing. The reason for that is that the „bag“ of the female is very close to her oral cavity.



The other option for mating available is that the male hands the female a ‘spermbag’ for later use. Sometimes the female collect multiple different ‘spermbags’ and decides later which of these individuals is the best partner for reproducing.

Cuttlefish have a lifespan of one to two years ,and they have 3 hearts. Two of them are just to pump blood (which is blue-green) to the large gills. The third for the rest of the body.