Gili Air Escape Room

Your Magazine Guide to Gili Islands

A Fun Escape from Reality…

If you are on holiday on beautiful Gili Air and seeking something exciting to do, look no further than the newly built Escape Room. Henrik, who arrived on the island about two years ago on a sailboat, is the manager of this impressive project. He fell in love with the island and decided to stay. With a theatrical and cultural events management background, Henrik possessed all the qualities to oversee this mysterious and fun project. For those less familiar of what an Escape Room is, keep reading.

It is a real-life adventure game where a group of people is secured in a themed room and has to find out how to escape by resolving the puzzles and riddles within a certain time frame. The idea behind this Escape Room was to design a unique and authentic experience.

The location for the Escape Room adds to the magic and could not be more appropriate. A majestic Banyan Tree, an Indian tree recognized for its mystic power, was planted here centuries ago and possesses a magical aura. The minute details make the difference, and this is exactly what Henrik and his team offer their guests. Passion and dedication can be felt in every detail.

So, we tried out Uncle Joe’s domain. The story behind this specific Escape Room titled ‘INHERITANCE’ is that the old man hid a secret in his house before he passed away. He was an eccentric man who could not identify who was worthy of his fortune, so he thought of a creative way to distribute his wealth.

The fun begins in the lobby area which is a sideways room. Joe explored the tribes, fauna and culture of Indonesia and collected many locally made objects. He enjoyed adventures, games and excitement and his secret is hidden here on tropical Gili Air. Joe provides clues to find his hidden treasure, but to find it and escape with it you will need to use teamwork, imagination and your brilliant minds. This activity is awesome to do with friends and family.

Henrik also plans to focus on empowering the creative potential of his young dynamic team. They consciously started with a locally themed game that would relate to everyone’s background. Keeping that in mind, the design and the architecture follows the same values and most props and puzzles have been sourced locally, from Bali and Lombok or have been built by local craftsmen.

If you are on the Gili Islands, the Escape Room is a must do activity for anyone in search of a magical and fun experience. You will want more, but don’t worry since Henrik and his team have loads of creative projects in store hidden under the Banyan Tree. So, watch this space.