Meditation and Mindfulness at MaoMeno 

Your Magazine Guide to Gili Islands

MaoMeno is a dedicated environment for anyone questing meditation and mindfulness. The story behind this beautiful place resides in the owner’s adventures. Kike, MaoMeno’s owner, was traveling for about a year and a half when he fell in love with the magical Gili Meno. He was breath taken by the beauty of the island and had no choice, but to buy a piece of paradise. That was ten years ago and since then, a lot has happened. 

Living on the island was not an easy task in the beginning since no electricity was available to his property for over a year and he lived off the grid. However, it didn’t stop Kike. He took on the task of converting his land into a fully functioning yoga oasis. That being said, Kike possessed no building training, so he, therefore, had to learn all about building and design. The hard work evolved into a passion. Kike is very proud of his work! Fast-forward after the years of construction, creation, and sleeping outdoors and now MaoMeno is home to a beautiful Shala, (Sanskrit word for home and a space for yoga), that runs regular retreats. 

MaoMeno offers a number of options for its guests who can choose from en-suite bungalows, huge villas or bamboo housing inspired by an ultra-Zen Japanese interior. For those traveling on a budget, Kikes offers the option to sleep outside, where guests can enjoy the breeze and the sound of the ocean. He talks with passion about the interiors of each room, designed to make visitors feel at home – grounded, comfortable and inspired to pursue their own nirvana. 

For Kike, the main essence of MaoMeno is the connection to nature. He created his place in a way that no separation can be perceived between the hotel and nature – it’s part of the beauty of it all. Add to this idyllic décor, the absence of neighbors around allows stargazing freely, when night comes. 

MaoMeno offers Embodied Flow Yoga – an intuitive style of movement that focuses on connecting your mind and body through continuous motion. Kike explains this process as an embodiment that allows every single cell to become aware of itself. It’s basically tapping into one’s own curiosity and empowering guests to become their own teachers. This is the kind of experience he wants his guests to enjoy at the Shala. 

The journey for Kike doesn’t stop there. He really dreams of developing eco-cleaning products and empowering the locals to be able to stock them in their own shops. Kike is determined to make a difference to the Gilis.  His plan is to offer products in bulk, from washing-up liquid to laundry detergent. That way customers can bring their own containers and avoid single-use plastics. 

Kike describes MaoMeno, “As a ‘retreat within an island retreat”. MaoMeno provides a space to gain inner peace. It is the perfect spot to be in communion with your inner self…