Your Magazine Guide to Gili Islands

Green Sea Turtles, have a mostly vegetarian diet, consuming mostly seagrass, or the occasional jellyfish. Adults can grow up to 114 cm in length and weigh around 190 kg.

Hawksbill Sea Turtles have a sharp, curving beak which allows access to food from crevices in the coral reefs. They eat sponges, anemones, squid and shrimp. Adults can grow up to 91 cm in length and weigh 40-60 kg.



Hawksbill shells, the primary source of tortoiseshell material used for decorative purposes, has caused them to be on the endangered species list.

Reaching sexual maturity can take 20-30 years, with a lifespan of around 80 years. The young turtle’s journey from the beach to the shore is imperative to organ development and strengthens their diving and breath hold. Around the Gili Island, projects attempting to aid the turtles, have been redirected into other methods.

The hatchlings avoid the shore and potential predators, preferring to seek shelter around floating logs or driftwood. The process of hatchlings rubbing their bellies along the sand, ensure the females return decades later to the exact spot where they originated!



Protecting the nesting sites and cleaning the beaches, is the current approach, so its winners are selected naturally.

Their predators are larger sharks, octopus and some pelagic fish. Sea turtles needing to reach the surface to breathe, are often caught in gill nets and fishing hooks, which leads to drowning.

When encountering turtles, give them space, no teasing or touching as the bacteria, oils in our skin and sunscreen are damaging to their shells.